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Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:31 pm
by Mike Berg
Think he's a "shelf-life" coach?

I was talking to a neighbor who's a Jacket's fan, who doesn't seem to think Torts has a shelf life.

So the guy has had tenures of:

4 games (Rangers)
7 seasons (Lightning)
5 seasons (Rangers)
1 season (Nux)
1+ seasons (BJ's)

Another point to raise, we were talking about Johansen, and how he's "not a Tortorella type of player". That kind of stuck in my craw - shouldn't a good coach be able to use any type of player? Being a coach is about knowing how and when to deploy your players.

Then again, Torts is going on about Year 30 or so of having "the most punchable face in hockey"

Re: Tortorella

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:13 pm
by NickinNY
As the younger kids continue to get into the league (next year's draft class was born in 2000, BTW, if you wanted to feel old), I think the old school tough coaches are going to have to adapt, or go join Keenan in Siberia.